To celebrate the centenary of Bauhaus, Late at Tate worked alongside the Bartlett’s Interactive Architecture Lab at UCL to host an immersive art show. This interim coding project was luckily selected to be on the show.

As a work-in-progress piece, “City in Bauhaus” is a prototype of later “LOVE/hate” exploring data-visualising possibilities. The theme, like the final work, is about hatred spread online. I parse streaming tweets with hate emotions using Twitter API and extract the keywords. Then a machinic voice reads out loud those hate words. It is intended to discomfort the audience. The sound information controls a bauhaus-style visualisation with flashing keywords.

Technical details

This #JavaScript project is based on Twitter API, Google text-to-speech API, Tone.js and p5js.

Show @ Tate Britain "Bauhaus Recorded" Exhibition, November 1 2019 Tate Late@泰特英國美術館的“包豪斯錄製”展覽


為了慶祝包豪斯百年誕辰,Tate Late@泰特英國美術館與巴特萊特學院互動建築實驗室合作舉辦沈浸藝術秀,這個中期編碼項目幸運地被選入展覽。

作為進行中的項目,"City in Bauhaus"是後來"LOVE/hate"探索數據可視化可能性的原型,主題與終期項目一樣是關於網上傳播的仇恨。我使用 Twitter Api 分析具有仇恨情緒的實時推文,並提取關鍵字。然後一個機械的聲音會大聲讀出那些仇恨的話。它的目的是使觀眾感到不舒服。聲音信息通過閃爍的關鍵字實現包豪斯風格的可視化。



City in Bauhaus

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