“House Vision” is a cultural research project initiated by Mr. Kenya Hara. Having involved social-responsible architects and companies, the project explores future lifestyle and global trends with ideas of “home” - a subject that is considered to have the capacity for reflecting and generalising complicated social problems. “House Vision 2018” is the third exhibition in the series. In House ATO (archetypal, transformable, open), we envision a prototypal space for contemporary Chinese dwelling that introduces social life in the physical living environment.

Because of housing shortage, collective living space used to be a common practice in China prior to 1980s. The kitchens lined up along the corridor, the public bathroom and laundry were almost the predecessor of nowadays shared living. Housing constructions later have been sacrificing public space for more privacy. However, with the rise of social media these years, the interpersonal interaction retrieves its significance in daily life of new generations. Our partner company Aranya, a renowned tourism real estate company in China, has developed community culture in their building projects to emotionally synchronise the actions of dwelling and socialising. What if the physical environment is also a complex of residing and gathering?



Sectors of plan 平面分區

The house is divided into three layers: extroverted social space under the eave, transformable furniture envelope and the private oval bath responding to the skylight.

All necessary facilities are integrated into ten furniture boxes (1030 x 600 x 2000 mm), flexible and moveable, that placed on the boundary of the house.

During daytime the social space and furniture adapts to commercial, social or office use. In the night, the furniture is folded up to suit residential needs.

Opening/closing states of furniture units 傢俱單元的開閉狀態


National Stadium, Beijing, China

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#architecture design team: Yichun Liu, Wen Shen, Rui Deng, Yu Gong, Zhun Zhang, Chongchong Zhang

floor area: 160 sqm

MY ROLE: schematic design / design development / construction drawings / furniture design / on-site coordination


Residence, Archetypal, Transformable, Open

Interior - bed side 室內 - 私密床寢側
Exterior - bar side 室外 - 公共吧台側


「理想家」是原研哉先生發起的一個文化研究專案。該專案邀請具有社會意識的建築師與企業共同探索未來的生活方式和關於“家”的定義的全球趨勢。這個主題被認為能夠反映和概括許多複雜的社會問題。「理想家2018」是該系列的第三個展覽,在“亼屮囗“展示館(英文名ATO包含archetypal原型、transformable變化、open開放之意,中文名為拆解的”舍“字並隱喻了房屋的解構層級)中,我們設想為當代中國住宅提供一個原型空間 — 在物理生活環境中引入社會生活。

由於住房短缺,80年代以前集體居住空間在中國是一種普遍的做法。廚房在走廊一列排開,公共浴室和洗衣房幾乎都是現在共同生活的前身。後來住房建設為了更多的隱私而犧牲了公共空間。然而,隨著這些年社會媒體的興起,人際交往在新一代的日常生活中又具有了重要意義。我們的合作夥伴公司阿那亞 — 一家著名的中國旅遊房地產公司,在他們的建設專案中發展了社區文化,在情感上同步居住和社交的行動。如果物理環境也能成為居住和社交聚集的集合體呢?



所有必要的設施都集成在10個傢俱盒(1030 x 600 x 2000毫米),靈活可移動,放置在房子的邊界。


House ATO

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