This project is realised during DfPI 3-day design workshop “Metamorphosis : Sensory Translations” at Bartlett, UCL. Our group tries to establish a transforming relationship between action and sound by reading the shadow. The keywords for this prototypal installation are: communal, spontaneous and playful. The interaction happens here may be completely unconscious, so what kind of sound will it be producing? Will it be different to those produced by active engagements? Is this kind of embodied sound interface helpful to bring people together?

Technically speaking, we calculate the realtime shadow ratio in each frame of webcam input and map the value intervals to different notes. Once motion is detected, sound will be triggered. Then the lighting effects will be changed by the generated sound in TouchDesigner and may further influence how people perform. The interaction therefore constructs a feedback loop.

Technical details

The #interaction is based on Tone.js + processing + TouchDesigner


該項目為 巴特萊特學院互動建築實驗室為期 3 天的設計研討會「變形:感官翻譯」的小組成果。我們的團隊試圖通過閱讀陰影來建立行動和聲音之間的轉譯關係。這個原型裝置的關鍵詞是:社區性,自發性和娛樂性。這裏發生的相互作用可能是完全無意識的,那麼它會產生什麼樣的聲音呢?會不會與積極參與產生的不同?這種體現的聲音介面是否有助於將人們聚集在一起?





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