"Sing The Shade" is an installation proposal submitted to URS China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 LING YUN LANE and was shortlisted to Top 30 among over 300 submissions around the world. The site is situated at the public square in front of the newly renovated commercial complex in Ling Yun Lane, Shanghai. The competition calls for interactive solutions to engage the public in here and bring energy to the important space. It is also hoped that the installation fits in the "paper crane" theme designed for the landscape within the complex.

When walking along Ling Yun Lane, it is the circular route linking inner passageway to the plaza that makes the space agreeable and lively. Sing the Shade puts emphasis on the whole path hoping to create richer spatial experience with its motion-to-sound interactive installation. To be specific, the physical installation placed on the plaza is an interactive screen formed by a matrix of LED lightbulbs. The movements of participants captured by camera will be used to control the lights - forming a “shadow“ and several flying paper cranes around it. Meanwhile, the movements also control the audio outputs of a series of speakers placed along the passageway.

As the starting point of an interactive journey, the physical installation is expected not to be a blocking volume on the plaza; it should also be a landmark to encourage people’s engagements. It is the searchlight to illuminate Ling Yun Lane. It is the push button to set free all the paper cranes.

Technical details

The #interaction is expected to be realised with the help of Kinect and Raspberry Pi on motion-to-sound translation. Estimated research and design period is three months.



《鶴影聲聲》是向 URS 中國互動公共藝術裝置設計大賽 2020凌雲里提交的裝置提案,在 300 多份參賽作品中入圍前 30 名。該地塊位於上海凌雲里新改造的商業綜合體前的公共廣場。競賽需要互動解決方案鼓勵公眾參與,為這個重要的空間帶來能量。也希望該裝置符合建築群景觀的“紙鶴”主題。

漫步凌雲里,內廊與廣場的環通活力是場地宜人性的關鍵。“鶴影聲聲”這一動作聲音交互裝置方案不侷限於前廣場的空間,而是以此為起點著眼於完整的千紙鶴廊道動線,豐富行走期間的體驗感。具體而言,放置在廣場的實體裝置(4m x 4m x 1.4m)由一系列LED圓燈矩陣組成互動屏幕。參與者的肢體動作經由攝像頭捕捉分析以控制燈光,形成與參與者互動的影子及圍繞其邊的若干小千紙鶴。與此同時,肢體動作也作為聲音的控制源決定著設置在廊道全線的音箱播放不同的樂音。由此千紙鶴廊道不止是空間的視覺延伸,而是多感官互動的體驗閉環。




Sing the Shade

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