Infrastructure is the driver of the city. Cities like Hong Kong are mainly built on the fluidity and seamlessness of its infrastructure. In the past century, urban infrastructure has been seen as an engineering exercise, a system of efficient networks that connects through vehicular traffic. Yet pedestrians have been pushed aside for the greater good of speed and connection. With the current trend of understanding and redefining the quality of life in the cities, we have to rethink the role of urban infrastructure. 

The studio is to re-envision the relationship between city, building and infrastructure by investigating program and structure as a driver of space and context. The focus is how a carpark can exchange and connect the city with the water through program and site.

This #architecture project formulates a critical position to the brief. Although carpark per se cannot bring the city closer to its natural boundary, this particular program suggests a variable of time. I took this thread as the starting point of my proposal - a parking+leisure complex for this very complicated site.


Waterfront in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Carpark plus Public Program, Program, Structure, Site

Prototypal structure 原型結構
View of open deck 開放平台的視角





Stitch of Time

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